Rhodes 06.18

Listed at number 255 in Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist, Rhodes is definitely worth the visit, but just don’t stay for too long. By the end of one week, we had exhausted all activities we were interested in and also, all of our budget. I would highly recommend visiting Rhodes as a stop-off point whilst travelling … Continue reading Rhodes 06.18

Borovets 03.18

Welcome to Borovets, in monetary terms - the cheapest ski destination I could find, but that doesn't mean to say that it wasn't still breathtakingly beautiful with some excellent runs. To put things into perspective, the beer was on average between £2-3 per pint (I love how Brits determine the expense of a destination by … Continue reading Borovets 03.18

Superdrug – The super vegan friendly brand

I've always known Superdrug to be one of the stores you can find on ANY highstreet - it's a staple cosmetics go-to and whilst I would never rave about shopping there, I was happy to pick up the odd item when I was in town. But recently, that opinion completely changed when I discovered that … Continue reading Superdrug – The super vegan friendly brand

Vegan VS Cruelty Free – What’s The Difference?

There is an overwhelming amount of beauty/health/hygiene products available on our shelves today, from the top brands to the shops own label; each brand has it's own list of ingredients and it's own ethics tied in with that list. For a long time I didn't understand how a shampoo could be vegan - surely there's … Continue reading Vegan VS Cruelty Free – What’s The Difference?