Copenhagen 08.17


This was my first trip to a Scandinavian country and Denmark did not disappoint! I had no idea how big cycling was over there (and if you haven’t been yet – it’s big!). The city is picturesque, with photo opportunities at every turn. There was a sweeping sense of calm and chic that made our time in Copenhagen so relaxed and enjoyable. There was no rush to see things first; we would stop off for coffee on our way in to town or take a detour and talk to strangers. We noticed the locals sitting on the river bank at Nyhavn with their own bottles of alcohol, talking and laughing amongst themselves whilst tourists ate in one of the many restaurants lining the street and watched. Nyhavn is the image above, most famous for its different coloured houses – it’s particularly beautiful at sunset. It’s central location also makes it a great meeting point.

IMG_4560The Little Mermaid

Number one tourist hotspot! The walk up to this statue was lined with empty coaches, their passengers all taking it in turns for a picture and then buying souvenirs. The statue is most definitely beautiful and the story behind it is worthy of a read, but the masses of crowds made it an unpleasant experience – like many tourist attractions, for me this took away from the beauty. We got our snaps and made our way down the seafront, passing an open salsa class along the way. We’re heading for Paper Island, a must see! The food market inside is fantastic and caters for all tastes! Every type of cuisine and something for every palette. Stomachs full, it’s time to pull four deck chairs together and bask in the afternoon sun – we spent a good couple of hours just sitting, drinking and talking. Again, there’s a very relaxed atmosphere here that makes you feel as though you don’t have to be anywhere. Eventually we made for Christiania, which is a law unto itself. From what I can gather, it’s technically its own country and so the rules we’re used to just don’t apply there. Great if you’re looking to spend your day chilled out in a completely different way to that of Paper Island, but not so great if you’re not into drugs. We didn’t stay long. A quick look around and we were out of there.

IMG_4535Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen’s very own miniature theme park – and well worth it! Entry doesn’t come cheap though; they have three different tickets available:

Entry – 160 Kr

Rides – 230 Kr

Entry & Rides – 350 Kr

We worked out that if you went on a minimum of five rides then it was worth your money to buy the Entry & Rides ticket. The rides are mostly aimed at children, but it’s fun to relive your youth for a few hours. The biggest rollercoaster there is called The Demon and whilst it may look scary on the outside, it’s a brilliant ride! Don’t let the screams put you off, it’s really not that bad, and it was all over within 30 seconds. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Tivoli gardens, vegetarians and vegans should beware, this park is not catered to our needs. Naturally it’s a theme park, so it’s expensive, but if you want anything more substantial than chips (35 Kr) or nachos (50 Kr) then you’ll have to eat at one of the very nice restaurants and pay a lot more.




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